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Coffee and Milk

falling slowly

gathered poems

Poems gathered over a decade, at the intersection of violence, dislocation, alienation, as well as love and loss, reflect on its impact on notions of self and what makes for an identity  in recollections of love and loss. Inspired by the loss of a close friend to suicide.

Published by Book Hub Publishing Group Galway

ISBN 9 781739 957896. All Rights Reserved 2021

100 Words of Solitude

100 Words of Solitude was an online project created during the Covid 19 Lockdown by Philippa and Simon Holloway. It's aim was to create a record of literary responses, from across the globe,  to enforced or self-imposed isolation. Published by Rare Swan Press, the collection, printed in both hard and softcover editions, captures the motional, cultural and social impact of the uncertainty created by the pandemic and its impact on individuals and families.

Thrice Magazine

RW Spryszak asked to feature two works; Anaphora House, a dark, experimental piece about a brother and sister at odds with each other over their outlook on life. It is told through a Prologue, two prose poem Empires of Toast and Sylvie's Tea Pavillion, closing with an Epilogue.

The second work, In A Scattering of Tongues is a piece written, quite incidentally on December 22nd, 2019, the anniversary of Samuel Beckett's death on December 22nd, 1989. It is a work in four acts about Beckettian women;

Act One: Threshold of White.

Act Two: The Floorwalkers of Balal

Act Three: Never - utterance Words

Act Four: The Quickening Body of Everything.


Deep Time. volume 1

An Anthology inspired

by Robert Macfarlane's 'Underland'

South, as I Escape

Fixed in its unsettlings gaze, stone mouths breathe

through fissures, dark air whispers what's withheld

in the ceremonial climb. Bones of feet delve into this

muscular heartland; an azure archipeligo lapped

circles by tides. Where stone memories hold traces

of tender exctinction , tender collections of feet press

into intervals of absence, bare space; an eternity of

journeys vanished. Here, bones are but young in this

vertical breathing.

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