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Amantine Brodeur
Literary Alchemist

The End of Dreams

I am thrilled and honoured to announce the release of this remarkable collaborative album conceived, written and produced by Peter James

A barren rocky landscape with a low orange moon rising above he horizon against a deep green sky

 Where Readers Weep

In this second city of Becoming, at the surge of the sea, with the deep heartwood of its rogue canon, lithographic sugarbirds, slender and exquisite, at the edge of ink,
gather among first lines, between the It of paperbacks, down the spines of verbal worlds, of poems split aghast by mouths with unquenchable thirst for lyrical naked words waiting to step into vicarious wonder, in the profundity of our profane loves and the sacred art of an invented ‘Everything’.

In that second-hand breath, when the storm ceases just long enough to swallow all that pale Paludrine, warding off Malaria for a different day, shadows fling their weight into the sound; wild winds and thrown surf, in its muscular grip on a throat, like wild vines stood in silence, memory tight and trembling before the moment of bolting into some outward blue; bones of some stranger hung out to dry, once accomplished, and now no longer any direction to take, for all the logic simplicity of an Escape: At the coolaltitude of mutiny, a voice with no laughter in its eyes, . . .


She stands
the rain,
a sliver
of rice paper
the sheets
the wet grass
her bare
feet . . .

Short Fictions
Songs from Quarantine Bay

An abstract depiction of a woman seated sideways.

Arranged Women

A recent Gogyohka project inspired by the artistry of Davor Rapaić; Poems whose work I happened upon during a trip to Rovinj In Coratia. These women grace my modest private art collection and I was drawn to venture writing in response to how each one spoke to me of an imagined 'private sojourn' somewhere. Am delighted that Robert Frede Kenter of Ice Floe Press,selected to host the series.

Glass Sculpture

Praise & Reviews

A book cover depicting raised arms crossed at the wrist.

Gathered from a specific time, when surrounded by loss - not only in her personal relationships, but via the media coverage of warzones, as well as her own experiences of civil conflict - the normalising of the inconceivable, collective grief, and her homeland apartheid, layers of meanings gradually become apparent, visit after visit.  From the visible to the emotional lanscape, Amantine explore the realities of the underlying lament of women living in the world of today, without fully revealing them.Overarching all of these experiences is the undeniable longing for intimacy, for connection and joy that exists, regardless of the situation. These understandings are as relevant as they have ever been.

Marcelle Newbold from her Preface

"Predicate of My Unmade Bed" is one I want to introduce to many. Like all good poets, Amantine Brodeur questions the form that creates 'widow ligatures' and all that hyphenation', but knows it to be the best form to deliver clarity, cryptically. This is beautiful stuff.


Elizabeth Kien. Author of The Bolshoi Saga


Amantine Brodeur explores literary alchemy through poetry, inter-discplinary collaborations, experimental short fiction and the literary novel. Her work has been published online and in print; among these include anthologies, journals and magazines: during the 2020  Covid lockdown she was fortunate to have her work featured in Deep Time, Vol One from Black Bough Poetry, iamb Wave Three curated and published by Mark Antony Owen, the July issue of Pink Plastic House,,  the online and print anthologies of 100 Words of Solitude, and her quartet on "Beckettian women" was featured in Thrice Fiction Volume 2, No 1 .

FALLING SLOWLY, a collection of curated poems, edited by Marcelle Newbold and published b Book Hub Publishing Group, Ireland.

MIKE FOX  Short Story Writer.

"Amantine Brodeur is, in my experience, a singular voice within poetry. Her poems are not easy to classify, nor, I feel, are they meant to be. They suggest deep personal insight into the pain and incoherence so often latent in the human condition. She writes from a place of interiority, almost of self-explanation, describing the psychological and personal fractures that life can inflict with a vivid palette of images and metaphors."

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