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  The End of Dreams

   I was invited by Peter James to contribute to an inter-disciplinary project he was considering; a curated musical work comprising diverse contributions from long-standing collborators who had become a close circle of friends. I said yes before even knowing what would be asked of me.  This has been a deeply humbling and moving experience, not only because of being offered Peter's trust to deliver a text that met his vision for this album, and not only because he accepted my crazy idea of asking my insanely gifted friend, opera singer Sinéad to try improvisation - something she's never done before, but because this collaboration  also brought me in intimate contact with the reality of how fragile our connection to life truly is. Peter's tenacious, brave and his daily heroic efforts, in the face of all his dire daily medical challenges, along with his commitment and dedication leaves me in awe.  I have learned to re-appreciate my own connection to life and the gift that is reasonably decent health. Having made a new friend in such vulnerable and yet, resilient circumstances, gives me a deep appreciation of what it means be connected, to be seen and for our artistry, whatever that my be, to be seen, heard, read and appreciated.   The End of Dreams holds particular, personal significance for Peter, for me, it is a renewal of my deidcation to craft and to collaborative spirit by which we share our gift of humanity.  I also would be remiss not to mention the generosity of Jimi Dawn, for allowing me to borrow a line or few.

Please take a moment to support this fascinating project.  Buy the album and take the time to treat yourself to a coming together of a group of  gifted musicians and vocalists.

Thank you  Amantine. x


 The End of Dreams 


MUSIC  Peter James

TEXT  Amantine Brodeur

With thanks to Jimy Dawn for the abduction of a few lyrical lines




At the end of dreams, in the stillness of Nowhere,

on a love-torn hill, the soft escape  of Swallows’ wings

into un-awakened song, held heart-wise to the wind

in the ‘othering of self’.

Knowing, in its remembering of giddy knots and restless webs,

whispers love’s incandescence in Bach, A-minor. And along

this wrist of shadows older stories of innocence fade, line by line

in darker dreams to our light, in-between:

At the end of dreams, I’ll shed my wings

for the deeper sea

Of coral songs and love gone blind.

Weep me still into sweeps of willow, into

the unkempt seasons of the soul.

I’ll sing songs of her vagrant summer, collecting

shells across the void,  as a guide along

your shoreline,  home.


I ndeireadh na mbrionglóidi  

Scoithfidh mé mo sciatháin

Cuir ag gol mé, go maolofar i

Scríoba saileoga mo chaoin,

chuigSéasúir míshlachtmhar m’anam.

Casfaidh mé amhráin dá samhradh

 Fánach ag bailiú sliogáin feadh an

Chladaigh, mar threoraí trasna an  Bhfolús.

Take a listen to  a sample from title track . . .

the end of dreamsPoem read by Amantine Brodeur & Vocals - Sinéad Ní Mhurchú
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Title poem "The End of Dreams".
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